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Private Sessions:

*Each session is 60 minutes in length and can be scheduled on an: as needed, weekly, or monthly basis.

Yoga– many styles of yoga available to meet your specific needs while fostering safety and accessibility. Styles available: Gentle, Chair, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, and Power.

Meditation– learn the meditation posture that best facilitates a grounded and present physical state of being and discover different and curated types of meditation that best suit your needs.

Mindfulness Education and Application– learn how to experience your life in a present, non-resistant way. We will discuss pertinent and skillful ways of being present in your life to receive the most fulfillment and peace during your day. We will practice various forms of mindfulness that can be implemented throughout your day to access a grounded, calm, and present state of mind and body.

Breathwork-practice yogic breathwork techniques to induce a state of peace and calm within your body and mind or conversely, to energize your body and mind cultivating more vitality and energy.


*Programs are 5 weeks in length, meeting once a week for 90 minutes. Due to the nature of each program, a committed practice and continued effort are needed to notice transformative results. 

Mindfulness Program:

Curated specifically for the needs of each client, this program dives deep into the application of mindfulness into daily life. We will learn, discuss, and implement mindfulness ideologies and practices to better relate to your inner and outer worlds fostering a more harmonious relationship to self and others.

Grief and Trauma Program:

Curated specifically for the needs of each client, this program focuses on purposeful movements, sounds, and breathwork to move and release stored trauma and grief from the body while allowing compassionate space to nurture an internal environment for healing. Since grief and trauma are stored not only in the mind but also the physical body, it is incredibly helpful to apply mindful and intentional movements, combined with sound and breath, to create more spaciousness for emotions to be acknowledged, felt, and released from the body.

Wellness Program:

Curated specifically for the needs of each client, this program utilizes several modalities to aid in the overall wellness of each client. This program looks at the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies of the client and applies specific techniques to create a balanced state of being. Modalities utilized may include yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, inner child work, attachment style practices, etc.