You want to start a meditation practice. Looking inward may, or may not, come naturally to you. On a daily basis we’re surrounded by countless ways to check out of our life, to avoid or deny or distract ourselves from what is really happening. Spending time on the meditation cushion is at exact odds with conventional values of escape, comfort and entertainment. But the truth remains that no one has really found freedom from life’s challenges without consistent inner exploration. Meditation, no matter the form it takes, is how humans have always discovered the depths of love, purpose and reality. This resource guide is meant to help you meditate: to introduce you to a daily practice, keep you motivated through challenging times, and open your eyes to the preciousness of your unique human life. Included are a variety of resources to meet you wherever you are in your practice and to push you a little further. Whether you’re coming to meditation for stress relief, medical benefits, emotional stability, mental clarity, spiritual exploration, or any combination of these, this booklet will help you lay the foundation for your personal practice. A gentle reminder: meditation is much like diet and exercise its benefits multiply with consistency. Cultivate the attitude that you’ll make time to practice even when it doesn’t seem convenient or comfortable. Celebrate the lessons that can only be learned by sitting through difficulty.